Snow in Dallas – February 2011

Today is 4th day off from school. Kids sure are happy campers!

This snowy weather reminds me of Michigan. When it was snowing earlier this morning, those were the biggest snowflakes I have seen in the State of Texas since I moved here from Michigan back in 2004.

Here are some more pictures from my front yard…

Yahoo Email on Android over WIFI

For the longest time, I thought that I couldn’t access my yahoo email from my Smartphone. I have Motorola Cliq and I have managed to use it to its full capacity, well almost full capacity, without the data plan and over WIFI only. The official word is, if I didn’t have a data plan, I couldn’t use yahoo email over WIFI on Android OS using built-in accounts.

Yahoo apparently has some kind of arrangement with T-Mobile where it would work on a data plan but not on WIFI. For it to work on WIFI (and for POP access via any email client) you must upgrade to “Yahoo Mail Plus” which is $20.00 per year. Not too bad… but did I really need to pay?

I get Google email and Corporate email pushed to my Android phone. I thought I could survive without yahoo emails and notifications on my phone. Besides, I could always launch the dolphin browser and check my yahoo email if I really needed to.

It turns out there are options, other than using Android built-in Email. Yahoo released Yahoo Mail for Android application recently. I tried it the other day and I was pleased.

Not only do I get to check my email without data plan over WIFI, I also get notifications for new emails. The only thing that I don’t like is the fact that I can’t change the notification sound. The sound is loud and annoying. The default sound I have set for other notifications apparently does not apply to yahoo email notification. Hopefully a new version, some day, will allow changing the notification sound.

For more information about the application, check out this link.